Derbyshire SchoolsNet

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Non-traded resources for all Derbyshire schools and academies are available on our SchoolsNet website.  

Please click HERE to view our SchoolsNet website or copy the link:

The resources area on the Services for Schools website is where you will find resources related to the services you have purchased from us. 

A-Z of policies on SchoolsNet

The below policies are available to download on the SchoolsNet website

  • A guide to dealing with bullying for parents of disabled children
  • Acceptable use of the internet and electronic communication April 2014
  • Anti bullying resource for schools
  • Behaviour and discipline in schools February 2016
  • Child protection model policy
  • Child protection welfare report form
  • Children missing from education policy June 2015
  • Chronology of significant events
  • Confidential reporting code (whistleblowing) policy
  • Confidential reporting code for schools September 2011
  • Critical incident plan guidance and template
  • Data protection policy for schools
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) changes to procedures
  • E Safety model policy
  • Facilities agreement
  • Governors' expenses policy guidance notes
  • Guidance for church of england schools on challenging homophobic bullying
  • How to open the model CP policy
  • Journal policy schools December 2015
  • Model anti bullying policy for schools
  • Model school guidance for positive behaviour support January 2017
  • Module four preventing bullying behaviour
  • Moving or transferring schools model policy paragraph
  • Out of school tuition referral policy
  • Perspective Lite user guide
  • Policy for dealing with homophobic name calling
  • Positive behaviour support model school policy
  • Private fostering model policy
  • Procedure for managing allegations made against school staff and volunteers
  • Recruitment and selection policy September 2011
  • Sample code of conduct for school staff
  • School dinner money policy
  • School extended services debt policy September 2015
  • Separated parents model policy
  • Single central record August 2017
  • Tackling homophobic bullying