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Legal and Contract Documents

  • Standard site terms and conditions apply, please see the shopping basket for more details.
  • Schools converting to academy status part way through the year will not be entitled to a refund for the annual package.

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Annual contracts and other packages

The following EPS packages are available to Derbyshire schools to purchase for the period September 2019 to July 2020.

NB throughout this document, the word ‘session’ refers to a total of 3 hours of Educational Psychologist (EP) work: up to 1.5 hours in school as well as an equivalent amount of time in the office carrying out analysis, research, report writing and associated communication relating to the work in question.

1. Standard Subscription (formerly a ‘silver subscription’)
A Standard Subscription is jointly funded by the school and the Local Authority (LA). The LA currently funds the majority of this package, including the cost of an annual Support and Planning Meeting. The sessions included in a Standard Subscription need to cover all statutory, LA and school priority work.
If you subscribe before 3 May 2019, you will be able to take advantage of our Early Bird rate. This would entitle you to purchase your package at a reduced cost .

2. Enhanced Subscription (formerly a ‘gold subscription’)
With an Enhanced Subscription, you can purchase additional sessions ‘up front’ (at the point of subscription) to extend the number of sessions in your EPS subscription. These sessions are charged at £240 for each session on top of the cost of the Standard Subscription.
There is no upper limit for sessions with this package, and your EP can advise you on how to make best use of our services. Simply tell us the number of additional sessions you would like to purchase on top of your Standard Subscription when you subscribe on the S4S website. Remember, one additional session covers both 1.5 hours in school and also the equivalent time in the office.

3. Non-Subscribing Schools (formerly a ‘bronze package’)
If you choose not to subscribe to the EPS, you will be entitled to one Support and Planning meeting per year plus any LA priority work which may arise over the year only (e.g. statutory work or Critical incidents).

4. Spot Purchasing
Any sessions which are requested after the subscriptions have closed, above those included in your package (i.e. ‘spot-purchases’ throughout the year) are charged at £300 per session and are subject to our capacity to respond. For most assessments, two sessions will be required.

Critical Incident cover: This is now part of the service of the EPS to all schools; there is no charge for this service, irrespective of the level of cover which you have purchased.

Bespoke support and other services

If you would like to commission the Educational Psychology Service to deliver training to your school, or to a cluster of schools, please contact us. This can be a very cost-effective way of commissioning training. For example, a full day's training for 30 people would cost just £20 per head. Additionally, securing training for a whole staff group can have wider impact than sending individual colleagues to a central training course.