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Supporting schools to reduce their waste and recycling effectively

The waste and recycling offer has five components.


1. Help and advice to decrease waste and increase recycling


We can help you achieve improvements in your waste management. We offer support for schools to know how to reduce their waste, increase re-use, and recycle more.  This offer includes advice on practical steps to reduce food waste if appropriate. This is a free service for schools in Derbyshire. 


2. Learning about the environment, waste and recycling. (Eco Day provision)


We offer a number of workshops about waste and recycling for different key stages.  These often form part of an Eco Day. 

We request that schools include some waste workshops during the day as these are our main focus. We lead some workshops. Other workshops are led by school staff using our resources and session plans, to minimise preparation needed by school staff.    Workshops are offered free of charge to Derbyshire schools. We provide most resources but schools may be asked to provide some consumables such as paper, scissors and glue.

Some schools choose to have a class or year group working on these topics, others take the whole school off normal timetable and offer a wide variety of workshops throughout the day.  Assemblies can also be added to the workshops.

Details of all the workshops included in the current offer are located in the Eco Schools section of S4S, however the information about a small sample of workshops available give you some idea of what is on offer.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle which includes the story of ‘Grumpy the Hedgehog goes to the park’.   Powerpoint story about how waste and litter impact the environment and wildlife.  What key items can be recycled in the pupils home area.  What materials key items are made from and what they can be made into.  Looking at reused and recycled items.  (Led by DCC)

Compost Champions. Composting workshop looking at what should go in the compost bin and what should be left out.  Learn to make excellent compost.  Reinforce the learning with the dressing up compost game which both adults and children love.  (led by DCC)

Biodiversity Survey.  Using ID sheets to see what plants, insects, birds and other creatures are around the school grounds.  (Teacher led using the workshop plan and resources provided by DCC)

Re-use Crafts – Hedgehogs or Trees.  Making a small hedgehog or tree from a thick magazine or catalogue.  Ideal for selling at summer or Christmas Fayres as a fund raiser. (Led by teacher or DCC)

Waste Electricals.  Looking at the materials used to make a common electrical item (phone or laptop), where they come from, the impact is on the environment, features of design an item and what happens when we have finished using it. (Led by teacher using workshop plan and resources supplied by DCC or DCC staff)

Waste Detectives.  A bag of waste has been fly tipped.  Pupils must act as detectives and piece together using the information provided to find the culprit.  They will also need to decide whether to take the case forward to court and what they think the outcome should be. (Led by teacher using workshop plan and resources supplied by DCC or DCC staff)

Dragons Apprentice.  Small groups of pupils work together and are given a reused or recycled item which they must make a ‘pitch’ with and explain to the judges why it is such a good item to buy and what the environmental benefits are of re-using or recycling the resource. (Led by teacher using resources and workshop plan supplied by DCC)

The Great Debate.   What should we do with our waste?  Using the facts to make a case for different options.  Applied persuasive English.  Deciding what we will do with our waste for a completely new town. (Led by teacher using workshop plan and resources supplied by DCC or DCC staff)

Jobs in the Waste Industry.  An opportunity for pupils to consider their skills and abilities, what jobs may suit them and the range of careers available in waste related industries.  (Led by DCC staff)

Cooking on a budget.  A brief summary of top tips that help people avoid wasting food and money.  Cooking using some of the Love Food Hate Waste recipes that use up commonly wasted food to make tasty dishes which don’t cost a lot. (eg quick pizza, fruit muffins, sweet or savoury bread and butter pudding etc)  Recipes can be offered which suit the time, resources and work plan of the session. Requires use of cookery room. (Led by teacher with plan and resources supplied by DCC)

3. Waste Education Theatre and Workshop Programme

We provide a free day of activities to secondary schools in Derbyshire including the performance of the 'Waste Watchers' by a professional theatre company, followed by a rolling programme of workshops to include all the pupils in Year 8 or year 7 who have seen the performance.  The workshops have specific learning outcomes on what can be recycled at home (which is district specific) and what it is made into, to encourage pupils to see that recycling is really worthwhile.  There are also quizzes and games looking at how long materials like plastic take to decompose if they are not disposed of effectively.  The workshops encourage pupils to make pledges about what they will do to improve the environment and live more sustainably.

4. Visits to the Materials Recovery Centre

If your school has its waste and recycling collected by Veolia as part of the Corporate Waste Collection service we can arrange for you to take your pupils to visit the place where the recycling is sorted.  The visit itself is free and for ten schools per annum who receive this service Veolia will pay up to £300 towards the cost of a bus.  Pupils (and staff) find it fascinating to see a large recycling plant working.  We can accommodate up to 30 pupils on each visit.  pupils must be over the age of 7 years and pupils and adults attending must be able to climb stairs as this is a busy working site so for safety reasons the visit take place along designated walkways and has stairs leading to the viewing platform. 

If you do not currently have your waste and recycling collected under the Corporate Waste Collection Service we may be able to accommodate your request for a visit, however we have a limited number of visits within the annual schedule and priority will be given to schools who send their recycling to the Centre and have this contract.   

5. Composting

We offer two free compost bins for schools in Derbyshire (which have not already received them) and workshops to train 'compost champions' in practical composting.

If you would like to have any of these services provided, or would like more information please get in touch.

Anne Welch, Eco Schools Officer

anne.welch@Derbyshire.gov.uk       or phone 01629 539792

This offer is provided free of charge to schools in Derbyshire as capacity permits.  

Derbyshire Recycles  

Our service is tailored to the specific needs of Derbyshire residents and therefore we do not offer these services and workshops to schools outside Derbyshire, as other collection services will be different. 

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